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General terms of sale 


Article 1: Application and effectiveness of the General terms of sale

Placing an order implies full and unconditional accession of the purchaser to these general conditions of sale. Any contrary condition put forward by the client, which fails the special agreement is unenforceable to the seller regardless of when it may have been brought to his attention. The fact that the seller does not claim at some point, one of these general conditions of sale shall be subsequently interpretted as giving up his claim over any of these conditions. 


Article 2: Taking Order

The information stated by the buyer, when taking a order, puts this forward : in case of an error in the address, the seller can not be held responsible for the impossibility in delivering the product. Orders are not final until they are confirmed by the payment of the prices by the buyer. After sending, any change or declaration of the order by the buyer cannot be taken into consideration and the price paid will not be returned. The offers on the products are valid till the stocks last. A product which becomes unavailable is automatically removed from the online product catalog. In case of out of stock, the seller will contact the buyer. They all agree to deliver a product with similar characteristics in size and quality to the product initially ordered by the buyer. 


Article 3: Delivery 

Delivery is made in France within the period prescribed, by the direct delivery of the product to the destination, or by making a notice available in the event of absence. Delivery time is listed with each product as accurately as possible. Notikia cannot commit on the time of delivery for destinations other than the mainland of France. A number to track the expedition can be provided upon request by mail. Exceeding the  delivery time may give rise to damages. However, for France , even if 8 days after the indicative date of delivery, the product is not delivered for any reason other  than a force majeure, the sale may then be resolved and the purchaser will get a return of the price excluding any other compensation or damages. War, riot, fire, strikes, accidents are considered as force majeure relieving the seller of its obligation to deliver and the impossibility of supply. The seller will keep the buyer informed in a timely manner in the case of events listed above. In any event, delivery on time can take place only if the buyer is up to date with his obligations to the seller. 


Article 4: Reception 

The claims about the product delivered must be made no later than two days of product delivery. 


Article 5: Returns - Terms 

All return of products should be subject to a  formal agreement between the seller and the buyer. Any return accepted by the seller, in the case of a defect or nonconformity of the products delivered, which is noticed by the seller, will allow the the buyer to get a free replacement or refund of a credit to his profit, excluding any other compensation or damages. The product should be returned to the buyer in its original packaging and within 48 hours. 


Article 6: Price 

The products are supplied with the prices in effect at the time of placing the order. Payment is made in cash  during the order. Sales to commercial vessels or fishing tax reduction applies to all commercial vessels or fishing. A copy of the act of francization or certificate of non-VAT registration issued by the Maritime Affairs is required to benifit from  the tax removal. It must be sent either by courier or by mail before the first order and each renewal of the right of navigation. 


Article 7:  Practical details of Payment 

You can make the payment: 

By credit card: Payment is made by choice of the secure bank servers This implies that no banking information concerning you is transmitted via the site www.notikia.com. Payment by credit card is perfectly secure, and your order will be recorded and validated upon acceptance of payment by the bank. 

By check: Your order is then reserved for 7 days. Beyond this period, without receiving your check it will be canceled. The order will be processed only on receipt of your check and after validation. 

By bank transfer: Please contact us for any payment by bank transfer. The processing of the order will be effective only after receiving a transfer of an amount corresponding to the total amount in euros of the order, the costs due to the transfer, whatever be their nature or origin, is fully borne the client.

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