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"DELTA" anchors

Its best features include the exceptional grip power to grab into any type of seabed (including seaweed grounds), the quickness to re-grab the grip when the boat (while in movement) tends to trip the anchor; the true ability to improve its grip power when the wind increases. The tests carried out on various conditions confirm that the Delta anchor has the best grip/weight rate.

Délai de livraison :   un semaine
(Pour connaitre les délais de livraison en dehors de la France Métropolitaine, veuillez nous contactez.)
Pays :
(Les produits livrés en dehors de l"Union européenne sont facturés hors TVA).
Référence Material Recommended for hulls up to mt motor Recommended for hulls up to mt sails, cruise Recommended for hulls up to mt sails, racing mm A mm B mm C mm D mm E Prix Quantité  
01.108.04  galvanized-steel46,867,35142308387210 118.44€
01.108.06  galvanized-steel69,089,559326510450243 151.47€
01.108.10  galvanized-steel10121012,569531013526282 180.99€
01.108.16  galvanized-steel1615,513,51681236213614328 257.47€
01.108.20  galvanized-steel20171517,587739216663357 315.17€
01.108.25  galvanized-steel251916,519,594541516713387 498.95€
01.108.40  galvanized-steel402319,530110348920833437 721.04€
01.108.50  galvanized-steel5024,52326117552320890479 2770.71€
01.108.63  galvanized-steel63262528127056722963508 3203.63€
01.107.10  stainlesssteel10121012,569531013526282 1434.96€
01.107.16  stainlesssteel1615,513,51681236213614328 1833.56€
01.107.20  stainlesssteel20171517,587739216663357 2474.12€
01.107.25  stainlesssteel251916,519,594541516713387 2683.92€
01.107.40  stainlesssteel402319,530110348920833437 4881.12€
01.107.50  stainlesssteel5024,52326117552320890479 5948.25€
01.107.63  stainlesssteel63262528127056722963508 7637.14€
01.108.32  galvanized-steel32211824104043020800420 620.52€
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