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 Bilge pump ATTWOOD

Bilge pump ATTWOOD "HEAVY DUTY" version

EC certified in accordance with ISO 28846/28849 standards. The sturdiness of this pump makes it also suitable for commercial vessels.Features:- parabolic chamber that cools the motor with ejected water;-high power permanent-magnet motor, composite brushes, permanent lubricating bearings;- the pump can be easily removed from the base with just one hand;- rotor made with special thermo-plastic material, high resistance and long lasting;- fitted with two independent shafts between the motor and the rotor to keep water from entering the motor.

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Référence Modello Volt Amp Capacity l/min m 0 Capacity l/min m 1 Capacity l/min m 2 Max prevalence m Fuse Amp Prix Quantité  
16.504.12  1700126,011083613,310 93.46€
16.504.24  1700243,511090613,35 135.87€
16.505.12  2000128,0130102844,812 106.01€
16.505.24  2000245,0130109844,87 144.35€
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Photo detail
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