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This boiler is made by the company who invented, manufactured and sold the famous Nautic Boilers. The Boat Boiler is an updated version fitted with the latest technology of marine water heating systems. Bivalent operation with heat exchanger or 220 V electric resistance at 1200 W (110 V for US marker available on request). Driven insulation between tank and polyutherane foam body to keep water hot for at least 123 hours. Experiments made on model 50.289.50 have reveal a time of just 15 minutes to bring water at a temperature of 55/60o, allowing for a total collection of 35 litres at 40o. This result is linked to the overdimensioned copper heat exchanger that provides a practical performance exceeding by far the competitors' products with double capacity. Horizontal and vertical mounting available (excluding models 50.289.50; 50.389.50 fitted for mounting with top and bottom brackets, only). Safety valve calibrated at 4 bar, 8-bar testing pressure.Available in two versions:Models A) fitted with porcelain glass boiler and light alloy external coat. Fitted with cathodic protection with magnesium anode. Copper heat exchanger;Model B) fitted with AISI 316 stainless steel boiler and mirror polished AISI 304 stainless steel; stainless steel heat exchanger.

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Référence ver Model Liters Shape tot.with flange mm only boiler mm brackets on centre mm Prix Quantité  
50.289.48  VersionA"Boat Boiler 12"12cylindrical395250175 411.88€
50.289.50  VersionA"Boat Boiler 19"19rectangular495420360 425.39€
50.289.49  VersionA"Boat Boiler 22"22cylindrical475400386 432.29€
50.289.51  VersionA"Boat Boiler 30"30cylindrical620545445 480.34€
50.289.52  VersionA"Boat Boiler 45"45cylindrical880805710 555.81€
50.289.53  VersionA"Boat Boiler 60"60cylindrical1060985885 584.33€
50.389.49  VersionB inox"Boat Boiler 22"22cylindrical495400386 514.95€
50.389.51  VersionB inox"Boat Boiler 30"30cylindrical620545445 553.01€
50.389.52  VersionB inox"Boat Boiler 45"45cylindrical880805710 667.54€
50.389.53  VersionB inox"Boat Boiler 60"60cylindrical1060985885 724.72€
Code Spare anode, for all mode
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Photo detail
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